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Beagle Tools aluminum hand trucks for the beverage and parcel delivery markets

Beagle Tools' criteria was to provide a lightweight alternative to what we see being used in the marketplace. Most of the domestic soda distributors wanted a deeper toe plate to prevent the cracking of longer can cases. We deepened our standard toe plates to 9" to solve this issue. When we visited the FEMSA beer plant in Monterrey, Mexico, we noticed that they were carrying side-by-side cases or a total of 8 cases per load. Our contacts in the states have been carrying one stack of 5 cases. We think the Beagle Tools hand truck solution will allow distributors to carry 8 cases with less effort than it takes to move 5 cases on their current hand trucks. There have been significant improvements to the grips with our double P-handle which is adjustible to the preferred height of each driver. These tilt-backs in aluminum will be highly sought after. I hope this slideshow will highlight the issues and our solutions which brought us into the 3D printing world to test materials and designs. The first part of the presentation covers Beagle Tools beverage hand trucks and the second half highlights issues and solutions for parcel delivery.  

Parcel version of aluminum hand truck includes a foot operated brake and extension bar for small items

Beagle Tools Ltd. 

Manufacturer of Wheelbarrows, Hand Trucks and Carts 

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