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Beagle Tools Hand Trucks for Homeowners and Professionals


Beagle Tools hand trucks are known in Europe as the hand truck of choice for professionals and homeowners alike. Most Beagle Tools models feature our patented flat rib flat-free tires, sealed bearings, heavier axles and superior axle support. Our patented tilt-back models have extra heavy duty casters and allow the hand trucks to convert from the long wheelbase--- where you can push the hand truck on a 45 degree angle like a dollie---to a short wheel base to navigate stairs. All of this can be done while the hand truck is fully loaded. The wheels and casters will allow you to carry more weight with less stress and less effort. Check availability at Bauhaus. Click on the photo below to see the patented portfolio of Beagle Tools hand trucks.

Beagle Tools Ltd. 

Manufacturer of Wheelbarrows, Hand Trucks and Carts 

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