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Beagle T0ols Wheelbarrows

Many of our most loyal customers remember our Jeep line of wheelbarrows. Whether you were an avid gardener looking for a lighter wheelbarrow that can carry massive loads with a minimal effort or a professional mason lifting 450 pounds each and every load--the Jeeps delivered. Our new Beagle Tools  AeroframeTM series, 4 years in development, features fewer fasteners and quick 1-2 minute assembly times. They are also the lightest fully loaded wheelbarrows we have ever designed. You will feel the difference immediately. The entire line is ergonomic, balanced like a dream and simply the best. Select models now available at Bauhaus.  Click on the photo below to view the line.

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Beagle Tools Ltd. 

Manufacturer of Wheelbarrows, Hand Trucks and Carts 

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